ForwardX Cortex

The Brains behind the Brawn

What is ForwardX Cortex?

ForwardX Cortex is the technology which allows our Matrix platform to achieve a higher level of intelligence starting with each individual vAMR and our f(x) software and ending in the next generation of intelligent robotics. ForwardX Cortex gives our robots the perception capacity to rival human beings. It enables our fleets to intelligently communicate, co-operate, and collaborate with each other and with your workforce. Cortex means that each individual robot will improve its performance as it develops more know-how about your environment, your workers, and your operations. This know-how translates into smarter robots, a smarter fleet, and smarter operations.

Localization & Mapping
Path Planning


Cortex uses vision, LiDAR, odometry, and a number of other sensory inputs to gather rich data about the surroundings. Cortex uses proprietary sensor fusion to combine each input for an exact map of the environment. Recognizing and understanding every part of the environment, Cortex allows each vAMR to think like a human and make the best decision in each and every situation.


Uncovering the complex layers of your environment is just the start. With this understanding, Cortex empowers each vAMR to plan every movement required to complete a task in the most suitable manner. With pinpoint localization, your fleet uses intelligent path planning capabilities to find the most efficient route from point A to B. Cortex enables next-level obstacle avoidance which we call environmental fluidity. This means our vAMRs are able to predict, avoid, and adjust instead of simply detecting and avoiding objects one-by-one.


In the Cortex behavior cycle, seeing and thinking, or perception and planning, allow our robots to prepare the best plan given the environment and the task. Cortex’s motion control capabilities empower each vAMR to measure, adjust, and execute based on their previous actions. Onboard sensing, predicting, and re-evaluating continuously occur to ensure that your fleet interacts with your environment, your workers, and your goods as efficiently as possible.

The relationship between Cortex makes Matrix possible