Automate heavy load workflows with

ForwardX Max

Simplify high-stakes movements with Max

Dangerous and monotonous should not describe anyone’s job. Protect your workers, your goods, and your facility from unnecessary accidents with ForwardX Max solutions. Trade in your old forklifts for a smarter, safer solution to automate high payload movements.

Receiving & Putaway
Case & Pallet Picking
Packing to Shipping
Raw Material Delivery
WIP Movement
Finished Goods Movement

A safer, smarter solution

Choose the solution best suited to your requirements.
Automate your moving and picking workflows with one of the customized Max solutions below.

Max 300/600

300kg to 600kg payload capacity. Compatible with custom top modules.

Max 300/600 Lift

Native lift functionality. Hands-free pick up and drop off.

Max 300 Conveyor

Built-in conveyance functionality. 5 configurations.

Max 600L/1200L

Between 600kg and 1350kg payload capacity. Payload surface to support all pallets.

Max 600L/1200L Lift

Between 600kg to 1200kg payload capacity. Built-in lift functionality. Compatible with workstations to achieve full autonomy.

Max 600L/1200L Conveyor

Native conveyance functionality. Configurable dimensions.

Why automate now?


Material spends a lot of time traveling across your facility. By automating high-payload movements, you can redirect your workers to tasks only they can complete.


Increase throughput by getting material delivered to the right place at the right time. Implementing an AMR solution that makes material transfer completely hands-free.


Make dangerous work safer by automating high-payload movements with certified-safe AMRs. Protect your workers with 360-degree obstacle detection and CE-certified solutions.


You can’t afford unplanned downtime. Automate core workflows with solutions that are proven to deliver 99.5% fault-free operation.

Return-on-Investment (ROI)

Get payback in under 2 years by reducing labor and recruitment costs, increasing material turnover, and minimizing downtime in your operations.

Read how TCL achieved 99.5% fault-free operation and reduced labor costs by 30%.