Your Key to Flexible Automation

Our flexible automation platform of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) and intelligent fleet management software makes warehousing and manufacturing more flexible, more productive, and most of all, more effective. By automating your material handling workflows with our Matrix platform, you will be able to elevate the flow of goods through your facility, capture and take advantage of performance data throughout each step of the process, and empower your business to meet the needs of the market.

Best-in-class technology

Our AMRs use visual perception to localize, map, and navigate through the environment.

Truly adaptable solutions

Apply our robots to any material handling workflow and you will see immediate results.

Industry-proven reliability

Our solutions are proven in the field so you can trust ForwardX’s technology to deliver reliable performance.

Guaranteed ROI

The platform delivers savings across your facility by removing waste; wasted time, wasted money, and wasted capacity.

Solutions to make your supply chain smarter

Apply our Flex and Max solutions across your logistics and manufacturing facilities for smarter operations that give you better performance and lower costs.

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The Definition of Forward-Thinking

ForwardX exists to elevate human capabilities. By innovating with vision-first robotics and deep learning software algorithms, we aim to create better ways for people to live and work. Founded on the potential of the future, the cross icon, comprised of an arrowhead and diverging beams, symbolizes ForwardX’s dedication to moving the world forward into the infinite possibilities of tomorrow.

Learn about the technology that makes it possible

Cortex technology gives our robots eyes so they can see the world the same way your workers do. Combining visual and laser sensing, our robots perceive the environment more accurately than LiDAR solutions.