The Brains behind the Brawn

ForwardX Flex

Make tiring tasks easy with Flex

Automate labor-heavy workflows in your warehouse or factory with ForwardX Flex visual Autonomous Mobile Robots (vAMRs). Replace heavy carts and rigid AGVs with flexible mobile robots to see your facility transform.

Piece Picking
Case Picking
Accuracy Checking

Flexibility and agility delivered

Choose the solution best suited to your requirements.
Automate your moving, picking, or packing workflows with one of the customized Flex solutions below.

Flex 300

Two workspaces. Built-in touch-screen display.

Flex 300-S

Built-in touch-screen display. Configurable to custom storage needs.

Flex 300-S

Native RFID scanning. Onboard printing.

Flex 300-DP

Two workspaces. Onboard printer can be added. Compatible with PDAs.

Flex 300-B

Base model. Configurable for custom-built top modules.

Why automate now?


Automating slow, labor-intensive processes gives you immediate efficiency gains. Collaborative work means your AMRs empower your workers to do more with less.


Efficient work means you can increase the flow of goods through your facility by picking faster and more accurately. This means your operations always keep up with demand.

Cost Reductions

Productive work helps you reduce waste, from wasted time to wasted resources. Automating fulfillment work helps you reduce labor costs, inventory costs, and error costs.


As demand peaks throughout the seasons, autonomous mobile robots can help ease the pressure with easy-to-deploy, easy-to-scale solutions.

Return-on-Investment (ROI)

Don’t wait 5 years for a multi-million-dollar system to deliver payback. With no new infrastructure and deployment in 6 weeks, AMRs will deliver ROI in under 2 years guaranteed.

See how Flex AMRs helped SF DHL Supply Chain China