What is f(x) Fleet Manager?

f(x) Fleet Manager is a cutting-edge software platform that acts as the command center between your existing systems and your fleet of visual Autonomous Mobile Robots.

  • Connect your operations with every material handling movement on the floor for full visibility.
  • Supervise your fleet from any location, assign tasks according to your preferences, and track your workflow performance.
Make adjustments to your warehouse floor easily
A centralized location to manage your orders and tasks
Actionable insights to help you improve your operations

Control in one place

  • Receives and organizes tasks from your existing systems
  • Intelligently assigns organized tasks across your entire fleet of up to 200 vAMRs
  • Monitors and adapts your operations 24/7 to optimize your fleet performance

Rich data at your fingertips

  • Gathers data from robots and workers on performance, route planning, and task execution
  • Features dashboards for hourly, daily, and monthly data on worker performance, workflow efficiency, inventory flow, and slotting optimization
  • Visualizes data in customizable dashboards to show insights into your operations

Hands-off supervision

  • Monitors battery levels and sends vAMRs to charge when necessary
  • Coordinates intelligent interaction with elevators and automatic door for full autonomy
  • Controls traffic and congestion to reduce bottlenecks

Connect all of your operations

  • Supports full integration with your existing systems (ERP, WMS, MES) to give you total visibility into your operations
  • Works collaboratively with your connected devices from elevators to robot arms and conveyors for seamless transitions